Welcome to Your Loop In!

It took a little while to get everything running just right, but I am now ready to get this blog going. While I could go on and on about the frustration of putting a website together, and trying to make sure it is as user friendly as can be, I will refrain. My plan is for this blog to be your way to stay in the loop about various businesses. Many will be small businesses, or my local and not so local favorites. When possible, I will not only talk about my experience, but try and have a personal take from the person or group running things. Ultimately, I want this to be a way to share places you might not have heard  of, or have been hesitant to visit. I will leave comments on for this section, so readers can ask questions. Also, if you have a question about a place I might have visited, you can request a blog entry be posted about it. However, I will only be able to fulfill requests if I have been there, or have a way to visit the location in question. I look forward to interacting with everyone!



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