*New Students: read policy prior to booking*


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Welcome to Little Apple Riders Equestrian Center!


Contact Information

Lauren Schiller – Owner: 785-410-1601





The following is IMPORTANT INFORMATION you need to keep in mind when booking with us!!!


Payment information

Note: When booking, each fee is PER student, this includes lessons with more than 1 rider.

  • Payment for your lesson session are due at the time of your lesson.
  • Lessons may be paid ahead of time in whatever increments you desire.
  • We accept check (made to Little Apple Riders), cash (placed in an envelope with student’s name and date) or card (3% processing fee).
  • Lessons will be in a first come, first serve basis. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates about the calendar, showing opportunities, no lessons due to competitions, etc.



Cancellation Policy

    • If you cancel within 24 hours or no-show to a lesson, you will owe ½ of the total amount of your lesson due to the fact that your spot was held and could have been given to another. This amount will be due at the start of your next lesson.

If LAREC needs to cancel for any reason, we will provide you with options within that month to reschedule.



  • We teach rain or shine.
  • In case of inclement weather, we will do unmounted lessons. These lessons help teach students the details and skills that go into all types of horse care and create well rounded equestrians.  Lessons may include, but are not limited to, in depth grooming, medical knowledge, wrapping, braiding, advanced groundwork, bareback exercises, learning how to clean tack, etc.
  • If you decide not to come to class because of weather and the instructor has not cancelled the class, you will be responsible for ½ the lesson fee, as per our cancellation policy.


Lesson Time

  • Your lesson time is a set range of time with the instructor. If your lesson is scheduled from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, your time with the instructor ends at 7:00 pm, regardless of when you arrive for your lesson.
  • Once your skills are sufficient and you are given permission to do so, LAR asks that you have your horse ready at the start of your time slot. This means if you are asked to be “ready to ride”, you have your horse groomed, tacked and bridled for the start of your lesson.  Your instructor will tell you if you are to be mounted or to wait in the barn.  If you are not ready to ride by start of the lesson, instructor will wait on your time for you to finish.  However, your lesson will still end at its allotted time.
  • In the same aspect, once you are sufficient at grooming and aftercare, your instructor will not supervise your ending routine. You will be expected to cool the horse off properly, untack, groom/bathe the horse, put your tack away (including cleaning and wrapping bridles), clean up your grooming area and put your horse away at the end of your lesson.
  • For new/beginner students who are not yet tacking on their own, your instructor will tell you how far to get in your beginning routine for the start of your lesson.


Parents Observing/Assisting

  • For our young students (6 & under), we ask that parents observe in the handling, grooming and tacking process of the horse. This will allow you to assist your child in the pre-lesson routine, giving them more saddle time when deemed appropriate.  In the times where your child and you are handling the horse unsupervised, we ask that you encourage the child to do as much of the work on their own as possible.
  • For older students (7 & up), we encourage the student to handle the horse and the process on their own to help build independence and confidence in themselves and their skills. Please pay attention during the handling, grooming and tacking process so you can offer assistance, if needed.  But students should be doing the majority of the work themselves.
  • During the time with the instructor, we ask that parents allow students to work with their instructor unassisted. Sometimes students may be shy or nervous at first, but after several lessons we ask that parents observe only and allow the student-instructor relationship and trust to grow.  (The exception to this may be with the very young ones and instructors will let you know the level of involvement needed.)
  • We always encourage parents/family/friends to watch J


What to Wear

  • Long pants (jeans are acceptable, as well as leggings)
  • Closed-toe shoes or boots with a ½ boot heal
  • For your first few lessons, blue jeans and tennis shoes or any hard-soled boot are fine. As you/your child progress, your instructor will let you know what attire you will want to eventually purchase.



  • Helmets are required for juvenile and adult students.
  • LAREC will provide a helmet if you do not have one of your own.
  • All helmets must be ASTM/SEI approved. Bike helmets do not provide adequate protection for horseback riding.


Showing and Leasing Information


  • Show Coaching Fee: $50/day
  • Use of Program Horse for Showing: $25/day
  • Hauling to Show: $10 + split of fuel cost between students
  • Half-Lease of Program Horse (includes 3 set ride days per week, 2 lessons per month or competition rights, no other expenses): $350/month