Welcome to The Virtual Loop!


TVL strives to help your business thrive. Whether you’re a small business just starting out, or have been established for some time, TVL is here to meet your every virtual office and marketing need. From website building to blog maintenance, I can work as your personal assistant. Need help brainstorming marketing ideas? No problem! I can help you find the best avenue to take to get your name out there. Simply drop me a line, and we can get started!


As someone who has what is considered a physical disability, finding employment is a struggle to say the least. I had the idea to start this business after being asked to do a very similar job for a local businessman. Through working with him, I discovered that I have a knack for building/maintaining websites. I also excel at social media and blog management. Additionally, I find coming up with creative ways to market highly enjoyable. Thus, The Virtual Loop was born. While I love helping people reach their goals, my heart lies with the care of animals. I have four of my own. I have one dog, two cats, and one hedgehog. I also love to go horseback riding in my free time

Meet Me

Coming from a customer service background, I live by the following philosophy: If I can help one customer and complete a business transaction where they are happy with the outcome, I have done well. However, if I gain a new customer by the previous ones recommendation, I have then met my goal.

Kaitlyn Cherry

Owner and Operator

If you want more information, or to discuss what services I can provide, feel free to reach out!